I think my favorite thing about being at the beach is when you’ve been in the ocean for a really long time and you dry off in the sun and salt sticks to your lil bb fuzz all over your body and you’re like wow I look like I’m coated in ocean gossamer I am so beautiful

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What??? You can just put tea bags in a bath!! Obviously but why have I never heard of that. Is it good for your skin and everythjng


Oh yes! Black tea takes the heat out of sunburn and I’ve heard if you apply it right, it can act like a self tanner!

Tea baths for my heart and for my skin

"the weather seems ruff today doesnt it Spot haha?""dont patronize me Greg"

Super cute!


Ferguson, MO.

"All my friends have been killed, I’m sick of it."
- Protestor Jamell Spann yells at Ferguson police officers.

How to get a boyfriend

Adam Fall 2009

hello friends I am having a tough day, emotionally.
if anyone has any good distractions or things that make them feel better or laugh or comfort them in anyway, I am so so open to suggestions <3